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Kahatagaha Graphite Lanka Limited is calling Sealed Bids For Selling 800 MT of Natural Crystalline Vein Graphite.







The Chairman of Ministry Procurement Committee, on behalf of Kahatagaha Graphite Lanka Limited, invites sealed bids from Foreign and Local Parties who are interested in buying following graphite available in the Kahatagaha Mine, Maduragogoda     , Dodangaslanda, of Sri Lanka. The Local Parties, who wish to purchase the products and export could also submit their bids.

The products are offered for sale on export basis. However, the buyers who wish to further process the products locally and add value to the products could purchase on indirect exports. The bidders are able to purchase full quantity of the products or part of the quantity of the products as they preferred and submit the bid.

The details of products and other relevant details are briefed in the below;

Table 01


  • Kahatagaha Graphite Lanka Ltd is able to produce any type of product mentioned in the Table 01 within the quantity limit of 800 M. Therefore, the bidder can submit bids for amount required from aforementioned category within the quantity limit of 800 MT.
  • Total suppliable graphite quantity is 800 MT. Therefore, at the evaluation of the tender, quantity segregation starts from high price product to low priced product. However, the final decision will be taken by Ministry Tender Committee.
  • The amount of bid security is as specified product details (Table 01) are only for 20MTs quantity of graphite. If the buyer bid for quantity more than 20 MT, the bid security should be accordance with amount of the quantity.

Ex: If the bidder bid for 100 MT of 92-95 C% graphite powder bid security value should be USD 11175 (2035 x 5).

  • Maximum capacity of powder plant and chip plant are 300 tons per month respectively. Hence supplying time period will be varied according to the product and the quantity.  

The complete Bidding Documents of tenders is published in the official websites and http://www.kgraphite.lkThe Interested Parties could visit the websites and download the Bidding Documents free of charge for reference.

Prescribed Bidding Form authenticated and issued by the Seller should only be used for submission of bids.
The Bidding Form of the Tender accompanied the Bidding Documents could be purchased upon payment of
non- refundable fee of LKR 5000.00 or USD 25 from Chairman, Kahatgaha Graphite Lanka Ltd,  
No. 561/3,       Elvitigala Mawatha,    Narahenpita, Colombo 05, Sri Lanka.  during 0900hrs to 1500hrs on week days from DD/MM//2021 till DD/MM/2021   respectively. Also authenticated bidding form accompanied with the bidding document can be obtain by mailing the payment slip or any legal document to prove the payment of non-refundable fee of LKR 5000.00 or USD 25 made to Kahatagaha Graphite Lanka Limited Sri Lankan Rupee A/c No :5359657 or US Dollar A/c No.: DFC 86806514 (Swift Code- BCEYLKLX) maintained at the Bank of Ceylon, Branch of Rideegama.

The Bid, in two copies duly completed with the prescribed bidding forms and required documents enclosed in two envelopes separately and marked as “ORIGINAL” and “DUPLICATE” and then, put the same into a suitable another envelope and sealed & marked          “Sale of Kahatagha Graphite, and Tender No. “KGLL/MKT/TDR/2021/01” on the top left hand of the envelope, should either be forwarded under registered post, courier to the Chairman, Ministry Tender Committee (Sales), Ministry of Industries , PO Box 570, No.73/1, Galle Road, Colombo -03, Sri Lanka or by hand deposited in the Tender Box available at the Finance Division of the above Ministry to receive not later than 1400hrs on DD/MM/ 2021.

The Tender will be closed at 1400hrs on DD/MM/2021 and immediately after closing the Tender, they will be opened at the Auditorium of Ministry of Industries. The Bidder or a Representative of the bidder will be allowed to be present at the time of opening of Tenders. Late bids will be rejected.

 If any clarification on above remarks can be done from below mentioned officers;

Chairman/ Marketing Division Mine Manager (Kahatagha Graphite Lanak Ltd)
E-Mail: E-Mail:
Telephone: +9411 2368738, Telephone: +9437 2252015
Fax: +9411 2058062

Ministry Tender Committee (Sales),
Ministry of Industries,
PO Box 570, No.73/1, Galle Road,
Colombo -03,
Sri Lanka.